img Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 Update An easy way to update Adobe Photoshop!

The Adobe Photoshop 7 0 1 Update includes a number of necessary fixes that address a range of issues related to performance and stability. Users who have Photoshop 7 should download and install this patch as quickly as possible. The software is available for free, and it does not take long to download and install.

This patch improves backward compatibility, Windows XP thumbnail generation and eliminates the program error that shows up when re-sampling some 16bit documents. The fix makes the favorites menu function properly, and it eliminates many freeze-ups that happen when applying certain filters.

Photoshop 7 was not as reliable or user-friendly as expected, and many customers complained that it was released before many of the bugs were worked out. This fix addresses most known issues, and customers will benefit from these improvements that make the platform more easy to operate.

This is an update and not a product upgrade, and users will need to have Photoshop installed on their system in order for it to work. The installation process is automatic, and users simply need to run the program once the download is finished. There are reported issues with the installation utility itself. Some users may be required to re-install Photoshop before this fix will be able to run properly.

The patch addresses a number of other smaller issues that will take the frustration out of using this amazing software. Users will love the improvements, and it comes with adequate documentation and resources for those who need technical assistance. Enjoy Photoshop 7 the way it was intended by downloading this necessary patch today.

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